Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the USA, after English?

For this reason, we are an important resource for you and your family! At MIA Learning Center, we instill a love for Spanish and fire up a curiosity for other cultures!

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Three girls are painting and learning Spanish as second language
How we work

We offer three programs that care for and educate your children

Seasonal Activities (SA)

two kids take cares at MIA Learning Center

Because we want to teach Spanish as much as we can, there is no chance you can miss to be part of MIA, that is why we designed seasonal activities, which allow your children to get involved with a second language.

Out Of School Hours (OOSH)

Chidren learn at MIA Learning Center

After-school hours childcare for children until 12 years old.

Spanish Tutoring Class (STC)

A teacher teaches Spanish to children at MIA Learning Center

Differentiated lessons designed for Spanish as a second language students of any age or ability.


Grateful, Blessings, and Love for MIA

"We love MIA. My daughter is 3 and has been attending since the soft opening in December. Mrs. Claudia and her staff are simply amazing. My daugther is always happy when I pick her up and very excited to tell me about the Spanish she is learning. Priceless! "

—Kelli Rawls

"MIA has been such a blessing to us! Claudia and her team are phenomenal with the kids. I started out only going 2 days a week, but my son begs me to go when he realizes I'm not driving him to MIA! I know he's not only in safe hands but being nurtured and being exposed to culture and language that he doesn't get at home! We love MIA! "

—Rachel Gandee

"We are so grateful to have afterschool care our children look forward to everyday and that we can rely on. The teachers are so wonderful and kind and our kids Spanish has really improved since starting. This place is a godsend!"

—Jennifer Strang

"Multicultural Immersion Academy is an incredibly kind and competent group of people. We adore the high energy from the caretakers while working with the children, and felt incredibly loved by their care and attention to our daughter. Everyone's utmost concern is for the children, whether that be their safety, educational play, or emotional well-being. Thank you, MIA, for everything you do! "

—Laura Westby Cannon

"Theacher's from MIA have been amazing to my two girls (6,3). using multiple methods when teaching them Spanish. They have done projects following the live cycle of a seed and plant including planting and taking care of a plant and butterflies.
They play games in Spanish to reinforce and introduce new topics. She also uses video songs at the end of the sessions to cover fundamentals. One of my favorite lessons I observed was my daughter was so excited to show her teacher her baby book. "

—Jackie Epping

"Claudia and her approach have been working with my boys for a few years now. They look forward to their lesson every week as she makes learning FUN! Her teaching style is extremely inventive. She continually comes up with new and creative ways to get the lessons across. She is very patient and constantly gives positive reinforcement. I wholeheartedly recommend starting lessons with Claudia-the earlier the better! "

—Julies Groves

"Iam an educational consultant and I am throughly impressed by MIA's Spanish lessons, specifically Mrs. Claudia's classes week after week. She has taught my son for over two years and he enjoys every minute of it. Her love for children shines in each class! From an educational perspective MIA's lessons are well planned, address all types of learning styles! Another outstanding aspect about MIA's approach, is it can adapt teaching to tie into whatever I am doing at home with my little man! I highly recommend trying a class with her because she is the absolute best!! 😀 "

—Grace Bradham

"MIA has been tutoring my two kids for over three years. MIA and Claudia have become like family to us. Her energy and genuine love for kids is infectious and pervades her teaching. This is the quality that has been most valuable to us and what has enabled the kids to continue wanting to learn Spanish. Although they have no perceived “use” for Spanish at this point in time (no family who speaks it, no friends who know it), their motivation to learn is inspired by Claudia’s personality and love. When the kids were younger, Claudia used play, cooking, crafts, and other activities to introduce and reinforce vocabulary. Now she engages them with clever games designed to review and learn new vocabulary. As they have advanced in their abilities, she helps them read, write and work on grammar skills in Spanish. I love that she moves at their own pace and, yet, gently challenges them to learn more. We look forward to seeing her every week. "

—Tammy Groher